May 19, 2010

we've come a long way baby!

you will recognise this beautiful babe from my blogheader.
a year ago i had just bought a new lens and was starting to feel
like i knew my camera when i overheard Taya's mom say she was wanting some pictures done.
i quickly jumped in and said i would LOVE to do it.
babies are my favorite thing in the world
and the chance to combine two of my passions made me quickly forget my reservations about
 " putting myself out there" as a photographer.
Taya was at that stage ( all moms instinctively feel it ) when
she was getting ready to  grow- up..
lose those baby rolls and become a little older and
her mom wanted to make sure they were documented.
she couldn't have been more serene and beautiful!


four even blog


3 long






i am looking forward to doing a session with Taya in June. i am thinking picnic / tea party ,and i have
bought a special little teacup just for the occasion!


  1. What a cutie pie..and at such a great age/stage to photograph. These photo's are quite amazing..each one is just have the most fabulous tones and the perfect focus needed to bring out what is special!!

  2. What a cutie! Love the rolls!!!!