April 27, 2010

on a clear day...

it was a unseasonably sunny ,warm Sunday afternoon and
 a perfect day to dress up and go do a shoot just for
the fun of it.i hired my youngest ( with an ice-cream treat )
 to be my assistant and hold the reflector and took my beautiful daughter Blythe
and drove out into the country.if you are a high school senior i think this is
 a great way to do grad pictures . shows off your style and personality much better than the traditional cap and gown shot ... who really wants that?1











teen, graduate photography

April 25, 2010

sneak peek....

session with Blythe coming soon.



April 22, 2010

things I love thursday

TILT: {Cream & Orange} edition, originally uploaded by raehein.

Flickr is a never ending source of inspiration to me , if you are the least interested in photography or just appreciate the beauty around you , you have to check it out.TILT is a group i belong to and i plan to start showcasing my favorite contributor each week. this lovely mosaic was compiled by the talented
Rachel, click on the link above to visit her wonderful stream.

April 21, 2010

"listen to the trees talking in thier sleep"

she whispered , as he lifted her to the ground " what nice
dreams they must have"
 Anne of Green Gables

i think these are just some pussy willows gone to seed,
but they looked so pretty back lit by the sun
this morning i had to go get a closer look.

and then i had to bring some in ~
any new sign of life is welcome these days, and it has
been so lovely that they are popping up everywhere.

April 18, 2010

ooo la la

it has happened AGAIN!!!
Springtime in Paris 
is Picture of the Month over at digital image cafe`
i sooo did not see that one coming!

Bench Monday- Springtime in Paris
this was a shot i took for my " bench monday" group over on flickr.

April 16, 2010

spring has sprung

and i am looking forward to a long day of  yard work tomorrow!
yup looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt and the
grass and most importantly ...
setting up the deck furniture so we can relax and soak up the

To me fair friend you never old will be

April 14, 2010

a rose by any other name,,

 i dropped the 'blogspot" from my name ,but i am afraid that
 in the process i lost all your lovely comments  ... sorry.
much more official!
Ranunculus 2

embarrassment of riches

when i became serious about photography last year i joined http://www.betterphoto.com/
and took a class. that decision opened up a world of networking with
amazing photographers and learning from their talent
and experience. betterphoto runs an international photo contest and i have been fortunate to
win  2nd place twice and have been a finalist as well several times. i also started participating at http://www.digitalimagecafe.com/ last fall and  my image "sunlit" was picture of the month in the still life category for  February!


"glad you are here , it makes me realise how beautiful the world is"
placed 3rd in their valentines theme

I'm glad you are here ... it makes me realize how beautiful my world is - Goethe
it was such an exciting day when those were announced. i never thought i would reach that level and it made me realize that my efforts are paying off!

April 12, 2010

through the looking glass

 when i started my 365 project i never dreamed that i would do self-portraits
hated getting my picture taken. really though i wasn't suited for the job.
but as a fellow photographer said in her flickr profile " i could never find another model
that was always available the same time i was,
never complained or talked back
and always new  exactly what i wanted"
sometimes my girls fit the bill and some times it
has to be me!

Through the Looking Glass

April 08, 2010

Cabin Fever

i am a procrastinator... always putting things off.
i  have been looking at this little abandoned house for over a
year now and thinking  " i should check that out , it could be a great place to shoot "
yesterday i took Bronte` and Calder and soon realized i had been missing out... it was amazing!





Stike a pose




April 06, 2010

For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness - Ralph Waldo Emerson

because it is Spring Break and everyone is home i was hoping to
get a photo shoot in with one of the girls. however they had other agendas
ie: sleeping and primping and then promptly
leaving the house. i was allowed 5 minutes with Blythe
and i guess in the end i'm really only needing that one good shot!

For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness- Ralph Waldo Emerson

julianna collett alberta teen photographer

April 03, 2010

chapter one..

it was the most important day in Nathaniel Fludd's young life...
Nathaniel Fludd - Beastologist
this is Calders natural state.
the quiet, cautious boy reading adventures.i hope he grows up
to have some of his own.
Chapter one- It was one of the most important moments in Nathaniel Fludd's young life,...
but for now , this is what school holidays are for
reading in your p.j.'s until noon ( or beyond).

julianna collett alberta photographer

a little something ...

April 02, 2010

Good Friday

I know Easter holiday with a family
of six, won't always be peaceful but
this morning was lovely
...homemade on a quiet morning

...and then comes the best part

....fresh from the oven