July 30, 2010

catcher in the rye

my beautiful boy  on the front page of  http://www.digitalimagecafe.com/  today!
this is what the judge said...
" there is an edginess to this image that grabbed and held my attention.This quirky almost dark quality is enhanced by the B&W treatment,beautiful side-lighting,and placement of the subject in a natural environment that only reveals his upper body.The scene actually reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's early B&W movies( Anthony Perkins in  psycho) The title and that stare create a storyline that has a rebellious nature."
.... WOW!


July 28, 2010

berry fresh

i apologize for the lack of posting these days, my camera has been giving me greif and my image taking has been limited. The exciting news is , a new full-frame camera may be in my near future!

July 24, 2010

things i am loving

i am still trying desperately to feel organized again after returning from vacation.
today i realized that it is usually about this time of the summer that i have to give up
and accept that with a family of six home all summer i won't be back to normal until
september! in the mean time i take little moments and grab inspiration where i can.

I love these stop motion films , hope you enjoy a little eye candy


July 09, 2010

away from the phone

i will be on vacation with my family for the next 10 days and away from the computer any e-mails will be answered when i return
away from the phone
6 space collage

July 08, 2010


Bronte is picture of the day over on
i am always extra proud when it is a shot of my kids!


July 06, 2010

things i am loving

a little polaroid love.
you may not realize it but Polaroid cameras are having a huge cult like resurgence in the photography
world. little squares of happiness. "The Impossible Project" single handily rescued the last factory and is now making new film for these cameras. if you have an old one in the basement , checkout e-bay it could be worth a lot more than you think.
if you live here call me!

LOVE this new song by Sarah Bareilles and the video couldn't be
more fitting... enjoy!

July 03, 2010


even though it felt more like fall than July, i was so excited to go take some pictures today in the canola.
last year just as it was blooming we had an influx of grasshoppers and no-one wanted to be there.Bronte` and i spent a few moments this afternoon as the clouds rolled in and it was beautiful.