July 30, 2010

catcher in the rye

my beautiful boy  on the front page of  http://www.digitalimagecafe.com/  today!
this is what the judge said...
" there is an edginess to this image that grabbed and held my attention.This quirky almost dark quality is enhanced by the B&W treatment,beautiful side-lighting,and placement of the subject in a natural environment that only reveals his upper body.The scene actually reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's early B&W movies( Anthony Perkins in  psycho) The title and that stare create a storyline that has a rebellious nature."
.... WOW!



  1. WOW, this photo is just awesome! Totally deserved to be on the cover! I love his expression. The placement of the horizon line is great too. Love it!

  2. i agree with kim, just an awesome photo and well deserving of such a wonderful description and cover placement. love your style and work.