August 31, 2010

sware family part 2

i was so thrilled/intimidated when Jodi asked me if i would do her family photos. jodi is an amazing photographer who has been in the business for years so i put extra pressure on myself to make them special. my fears were really unfounded as they are such an easy- going family and it soon was very apparent that they are , of course, completely at ease in front of the camera. the evening wasn't totally without it's challenges, thunderclouds billowed around and my camera was acting up ( it was the night i decided i HAD to get a new one) but ...the rain held off, the clouds made the sky wonderfully dramatic and we were able to capture some wonderful images of this beautiful family.


August 28, 2010

one of my first Flickr contacts was the lovely Christina. my grandfather was from Denmark so i loved seeing all the beautiful images she took from her native country. she has a wonderful blog , and right now an amazing give away. be sure to check her out here


August 27, 2010

on holiday this year i pick up a copy of vogue magazine, simply because of the cover shot. i love Marion Cotillard, when ever i am in the mood for a french holiday  i curl up and watch" A Good Year".
the photo shoot inside  by Mario Testino was amazing , i loved the tones of the editing and of course the
vintage cameras.... enjoy.


August 26, 2010

things i love thursday

i couldn't agree more
please check out the original source of this Flickr inspiration
Things I love --- lemon-flavored treats !

August 25, 2010

hello internet

it seems like forever since i posted and in that time our world had turned upside down. after being lulled asleep by a stagnant real estate market for two and a half years our house  has been sold. it was two weeks from first viewing to move out so these have been exhausting , emotional days. leaving the only home that
most of the kids remember has been hard on everyone. trying to fit a 2600 square foot house in an 1100 square foot duplex has been hard on me!  going from 3 bathrooms to 1 has been hard on the teens. realizing that there is no dishwasher here! discovering that the clothes dryer takes 3 hours to dry a load.starting to go a little stir crazy and having no deck or garden to retreat to.and immediately many questions and decisions about the new build.we are starting to settle in to a new normal and i am looking forward to getting to know my fabulous new camera that arrived in the middle of this chaos.

263/365 settling in

August 13, 2010

flickr inpiration

i loved this mosaic ,  it looked like one i would have done myself... some of my favorite things
please check out the original source of these image here

August 09, 2010

to say that we are a bookish family would be an understatement. the library is always calling regarding books that we have special ordered. when we were on our vacation i saw a library shot in Fossil that i loved so today Bronte` and i did an impromptu photo shoot during our trip to the library to celebrate her new glasses.


August 08, 2010

my image is featured on The savvy photographer today! what a thrill.
 they are a great place for inspiration and
 resources for photographers... be sure to check them out


August 06, 2010

things i am loving

dramatic B&W are always in style
                                     1. *, 2. waiting to be posed..., 3. Untitled, 4. mood

                          Some Flickr inspiration, please check out the original sources of these images.

August 05, 2010

summer goodness

Amazing friends; summer nights;

Chocolate ice cream; mud slide fights;

Half the summer is gone already

So lets spend the rest of it; slow and steady.

August 01, 2010

moments between

i took this self portrait last December
whether its Christmas time or summer holidays or any day in-between....
these moments between keep me level.
i hope your day has some " moments between"

Moments Between