August 25, 2010

hello internet

it seems like forever since i posted and in that time our world had turned upside down. after being lulled asleep by a stagnant real estate market for two and a half years our house  has been sold. it was two weeks from first viewing to move out so these have been exhausting , emotional days. leaving the only home that
most of the kids remember has been hard on everyone. trying to fit a 2600 square foot house in an 1100 square foot duplex has been hard on me!  going from 3 bathrooms to 1 has been hard on the teens. realizing that there is no dishwasher here! discovering that the clothes dryer takes 3 hours to dry a load.starting to go a little stir crazy and having no deck or garden to retreat to.and immediately many questions and decisions about the new build.we are starting to settle in to a new normal and i am looking forward to getting to know my fabulous new camera that arrived in the middle of this chaos.

263/365 settling in

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  1. Wow what a wirlwind. I hope that your world finds a calm peace again soon. Change is always hard, but life has a way of giving us what we need. Lovely image as always :)