April 12, 2010

through the looking glass

 when i started my 365 project i never dreamed that i would do self-portraits
hated getting my picture taken. really though i wasn't suited for the job.
but as a fellow photographer said in her flickr profile " i could never find another model
that was always available the same time i was,
never complained or talked back
and always new  exactly what i wanted"
sometimes my girls fit the bill and some times it
has to be me!

Through the Looking Glass


  1. That is the absolute truth! I have learned more about photography since I began doing self portraits. Lighting, aperture, even posing! I loved your comment on my flickr site this morning. There is a very healing component to self portraits. I feel like I need to do them now...if that makes any sense.

    BTW...this is gorgeous. The neutral tones and grays are beautiful!

  2. You are a master of selfies darling...I am a big fan you know that :-)