April 03, 2010

chapter one..

it was the most important day in Nathaniel Fludd's young life...
Nathaniel Fludd - Beastologist
this is Calders natural state.
the quiet, cautious boy reading adventures.i hope he grows up
to have some of his own.
Chapter one- It was one of the most important moments in Nathaniel Fludd's young life,...
but for now , this is what school holidays are for
reading in your p.j.'s until noon ( or beyond).

julianna collett alberta photographer


  1. oh juliana
    this is fabulous... i'm in love with all the shots...and look at you...
    your blog is fantastic!

    truly!!!!! sigh... you are so good! ♥

  2. Oh, this image just melts my heart. I hope in 10 years, I have a little boy who's gung-ho about doing this exact same thing. Just like his mama ;)

  3. Oh wow. Congrats on your new blog :-)
    It is beautiful...can`t wait to follow you and your beautiful work dear :-)

    Hugs/ C