June 02, 2010

"I love to smell flowers in the dark," she said. "You get hold of their soul then."

lilacs and i walk a fine line - a love / hate sort of relationship.
i love them but my allergies don't.
i gather them every year , unable to resist and then begin the
dance of bringing them in and out. wanting them to be in the house and yet
only being able to enjoy them for so long before they have to return
to the deck.
they are worth it  but i really think with all the
advances in pant development over the last years
they could develop a scent free variety for people like me.
ahh well this is how i enjoyed them today.
179/365 2 unevenP6012795_edited-12 blog

julianna collett alberta photographer


  1. Thanks so much for you comment on my blog!

    These are such gorgeous images - your work is divine~

  2. your blog is absolutely beautiful. i am such a fan. i've subscribed and will look forward to reading.

    your images are incredible as always. it pains me to no end that we don't really have lilacs here in california. i'm glad i can enjoy them here.