September 16, 2010

learning photography requires learning a new vocabulary. when i first started posting on i would get comments like "love the DOF"  "great "POV" ,"wonderful bokeh" 
" brave comp"  and i had no what they meant! gradually i learned and sometimes i had to ask the "stupid" questions to find out. they are the elements the make your image unique and interesting and guide the viewers eye to what you want them to see.
as i developed my style i learned that i love to shoot with a shallow DOF.... DEPTH OF FIELD , this means that my subject is in focus and everything in front of and behind is blurred. i love the details of a scene and this way of shooting draws the viewers eye directly to the focus point. i will discuss how to achieve this look  on a later post but for now here are some of my favorite images with " great DOF"
260/365 memories
267/365 school snacks
261/365 Bedtime

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