December 29, 2010

last november when I had the vague idea that i wanted to do a "365 project"  in 2010 i came across a blog of a lady who was just finishing hers.
she was reflecting on her year a gave some recommendations that solidified  my resolve and helped me tremendously. i thought i would add my two cents to them and send them back out into cyber space for anyone else who is considering the same, along with some of my favorite images from the year. 
1.  Bring your camera – this one seems obvious – but you will be amazed at how many times you will see something that you want to photograph (in the least likely place) and wish that you had your camera!  I  bought a larger bag to stash my camera, wallet in one place
   2.   Shoot in the morning – I learned this quickly when the days are so much shorter in winter.  This is also           key for those days when you are really busy, or you simply can’t bring your camera along –  then your photo for the day is taken care of.
    3.   Photograph your food – You eat every day, why not capture your meal? plate things up a take a quick shot before you sit down to the table.  
    4.   Find others who are doing the same - There are a number of groups on flickr dedicated to a 365 project.  And I can guarantee that there will be a number of photography blogs doing the same.  This will help you become accountable to someone other than yourself.
5.  Don’t set yourself up to fail. This should have been #1.  Honestly, if you feel that this is going to be too much for you, or this upcoming year is going to be a year of change for you (moving, having a baby, etc), why not consider a photo a week project? It’s ok – there is no right or wrong, this is YOUR photography project.
   6.  Get a system in place for uploading your photos. You can use your flickr account, smugmug,  you’ll want a space to show your hard work off! This is a MUST . If you have no place for others to view your work it will soon seem pointless. You will also be surprised and encouraged by the times that you thought you did a ”garbage shot to get it over for the day”  and others love it!
  7.  Be a ruthless with deleting .  You will take far more than one shot on each  day , edit and upload your top pick. Save a web copy and a print quality copy in separate files. ( I grouped 2 month together in a file) and DELETE the rest ,your computer will cluttered and you will feel overwhelmed if you don’t have a system for containing and organizing your project..

  8.  Keep going through the rough times.This is a photography marathon .  Everyshot will NOT be  masterpiece , in fact you will hate LOTS of them. Honestly, this project is UNFORGIVING.  Let me be the first to tell you that in the course of a year:  you WILL get sick, your kids will get sick, you’ll have good days, you’ll have bad days, etc.  Realize that life will happen and be prepared for it.
    9.  Let your friends and family know. Yes, they will figure it out when your camera will seem attached to your body, but if they know that this is important to you, believe me, after a while they will be your cheerleaders, encourage you, and sometimes remind you to take a photo!


  1. You have such beautiful pictures! Your colors are so soft and subtle. I am only about 48 days into my project so I can definitely still use some advice! I'm starting to get more ruthless about deleting... I've been pretty lazy about it and my computer isn't liking it very much. And as for #8 -- I can see that too. I started off with a bang but I can see now it is a long haul. It's good to know that it's okay not to love every shot. : )

  2. I think doing a photo a week would be great for me. Thanks for the idea! I love these photos. I love the soft neutral overtones your images usually have.

  3. Excatly what I needed to find now. Thank you ;)

  4. oh such an inspiration and such gorgeous images you took! well done. i loved looking at your blog and your beautiful images along your journey. so often i found looking at the 365 project people have done, thoughtless, yours was beautiful and poetic!