January 21, 2011

i  talked previously about my love of design  and that also plays a huge roll in my second big project of 2011.we are building a house in the country! this is a project that has been in the works for a while now . it started even before i got back into photography. my husband and i have built a house before and we love the construction /design process and wanted to do it again. the first time around we went fairly builder basic and safe, this time we are stretching our design wings to get the house we always wanted. if we could  , we would love to buy a big old house a remodel  but since nothing fits that bill, in our area, we are going to build a 'new/ old house " ,  i made the floor plan myself and then worked with an architect to get it just right , it is my version of modern farmhouse.
                        - Craftsman style
                        - clapboard walls on some  interior spaces
                        - polished cement floors
                        - mod wallpaper
                        - no upper cabinets in the kitchen
                       - painted wood floors on the second floor
                        - radiators
                       - dormer ceilings 
                        - window seats

and above all tons of light and space, it is all in the details, and that is  the part i love. i am spending hour online gather all the fixtures so we are ready to go in the spring . i have had a binder full of magazine clippings for years , these are some of my inspirations.


images via Canadian House and Home
and csn lighting

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