January 13, 2011

when i was doing my 365 project,  a lot of people asked me ... do i look at the world that way ?
do i" see" in pictures ... well the answer is yes! i have probably always seen that way but my
project really sharpened that skill. with a sideways glance , everywhere i look i see images i wish i had captured. sometimes i  grab my camera , other times i am  "to busy" and others the moments are gone as soon as i recognize them. several times a day it appears , the corner of a room, the way the light is suddenly laying on an object , something , or someone i see around town. more often than not they remain as images uncaptured , after all i have a normal life with things to do.
when i saw this video on a friends blog , i was fascinated. how great it would be to wander around a city anonymously taking pictures

if you love fashion you will want to see this too!

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