January 27, 2011

the snow is melting , i heard some birds singing yesterday and the brides are calling!
my finally exciting undertaking for 2011 is 

juliannacollettphotography weddings

when i first  began to immerse myself in digital photography , i  quickly dismissed weddings
as something i would not do. memories of my own weddings and  those i had known ,with LONG torture sessions with huge groups of wedding party and relatives ( images that would never see the light of day , much less be displayed) came to mind. as i began " blog stalking " , and learning i discover a that there was a very different trend in wedding photography out there, one that fit my style . there is a trend toward a more editorial/ lifestyle approach to weddings. the bride and groom as the main focus and models , the wedding party and the details ( so lovingly planned ) as the stage and compliment to their day. capturing the complete spirit of the day.  i still remember the day when i first came across jessica kettle's blog. at 40 something , I thought this is how i want to shoot when i grow up! i loved her edit style and the ecscetic- the perfect balance between romantic and contemporary , vintage but edgy.
as i matured as a photographer i realized that i am a detail shooter , I approach each type of shoot
 through the details and wedding are a detail feast
i will just be dipping my toes in these waters this summer as i have to balance this and our building project ( blogged previously) but i can't tell you how excited i am for what this summer holds!
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some of my jessica kettle favs


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  1. I'm sure excited you chose to get into shooting weddings because I'm thrilled you're doing mine!

  2. Thanks my dear , that makes me relaxed and excited too!